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Dar Al Fateh Group

DAR AL FATEH GROUP has been established in 2007 by the Prominent U.A.E National Mr.Ahmed Bin Ateeq Al suwaidi with a Vision to do a business that helps the residents of U.A.E to live longer,hail and healthy.
Bida Faris farm

Region : Al Ain, Emirate

Abudhabi Size : 70 dunam

Dar-al-Fateh Organic Agriculture
As a first step towards his ambition, in 2007 he established Dar al-Fateh Organic Agriculture and his 17 years old vegetable Farm in Bida Faris,Al Ain has been coverted to 100% Organic Farm.As the demand grown for Dar al- Fateh organic vegetables across the market due to its premium quality in 2008 Dar al-Fateh Organic Agriculture aquired second farm in Liwa, Abudhabi western region and started producing different variants of premium organic vegetables, in 2011,The Continuous demand for Dar al-Fateh premium Organic vegetables lead to aquire another Organic farm in Liwa in order to enhance the with a total size of 157,337 square meters organic farming area, Dar al fateh organic agriculture produces high quality organic vegetables every day and distributes through DAR Al FATEH TRADING to top retailers of U.A.E.
Liwa farm

Region : Western Region Emirate

Abudhabi Size : 155 dunam


Bida Faris farm
Liwa farm
Mohamed Bin Rashid Cert
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